Before your broken sidewalks become liabilities, have them replaced by G.E.T. Concrete. City sidewalks that are in need of repair can be dangerous for the pedestrians who use them. It may be the responsibility of the homeowner to have these repairs done. It can save homeowners money if they have the repairs done before there is a complaint or worse an accident that can turn into legal liabilities. G.E.T. Concrete Inc. can inspect your sidewalks and advise homeowners on what needs to be repaired or replaced. Before the city issues a costly repair notice.In most cities, townships or municipalities, a permit to build, rebuild or repair any sidewalk, driveway approach, retaining wall, curb, curb and gutter or areaway in the street right-of-way shall not be issued to any person except a licensed Sidewalk Builder, like G.E.T. Concrete Inc.