Patio costs can range from $2 per square foot to more than $15 per square foot depending upon the design and coloring effects desired.  They are an ideal choice for getting the look of natural stone, patterns, or pavers without the cost associated with those authentic materials.Homeowners want to enjoy their homes, but they also see upgrading their back yards as an investment.  Creating the look of an authentic stone patio, slate patio, or cobblestone patio is more economical to install using decorative concrete, and adds value to the home.Concrete is terrific for patios,  It's good-looking and resilient to damage from weather and wear and tear.  Further, it won't shift around like bricks or pavers or rot like wood. When installed correctly, a concrete patio can help keep your basement dry. It adds long-term value to your home as well as giving you a great place to entertain friends and family.